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The Art:

Sharla Pidd Handmade Jewelry Art showcases opposites inspired by nature’s design—night skies and dream-scapes, sunrises and bold awakenings, and magic around every corner. My collections are small batch productions and feature niobium–a reactive and hypoallergenic metal that achieves gradients of color through a process called anodizing. Niobium is light-weight, the colors never fade and the metal will not tarnish.

The Artist:

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Sharla Pidd is a rock collector turned silversmith. She started making jewelry  in 2008, selling her creations as a street vendor in San Francisco. Sharla received her education in jewelry design and fabrication from the Sharon Art Studio, The Revere Academy, and through apprenticeships with Sam Patania and Taber Studios. Today, Sharla works out of her studio at The Compound Gallery in Oakland, California.  Her line of jewelry is inspired by design but ultimately she is motivated by improving her craft and experimenting with different metals and techniques.

To see past work, please check out her Portfolio.

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